YellowHammer is a fun and dynamic tech startup — but not the pretentious kind, we promise. Sometimes we have to take the afternoon off to hang out together, and other times we overshoot Ballmer’s peak, but always, despite the aforementioned obstacles, we make money ($$$) and continue to grow. Even though we're in New York, most people here are kind of nice, and there is no peer pressure if you would rather work than play foosball. We make cutting-edge products in the marketing and media industries and create, serve, and optimize online advertising campaigns. You should join us.

“But what’s in it for me?”

  • A job, Bob
  • A secure position in a growing startup environment
  • Warm, tolerant culture
  • Money every couple weeks, insurance, stock-type stuff
  • Unlimited NuGo bars, human rights, personal growth, self-actualization

If this sounds like a place where you would thrive, and you think you're a good match for one of the positions below, we'd love to hear from you. Send an e-mail to jobs [ at ]

Front-End Developer

You love making apps that look sexy and are intuitive. You are passionate about building modern single page applications using front-end frameworks such as AngularJS, Ember.js, etc. You dream in HTML5/CSS3 and are familiar with common CSS naming methodologies such as OOCss, BEM, or Smacss. You are diligent about cross-browser compatibility testing (yes, we know it blows). User Experience matters to you!

  • HTML5 & CSS3: strong
  • Javascript: strong
  • UX Design: light or mid-range
  • Javascript Framework (any): strong

Web App Developer

This position is open to someone experienced with the full cycle and every piece of a web app: backend, database, and front-end. This developer will touch Rails, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB and more! Like Node.js? We’re using it right now. You don’t have to be an expert in all of them, just smart and willing to learn. You should be well versed with multi-tiered development, unit testing, development processes / methodologies, etc.

  • Rails or PHP: strong
  • Database: light or mid range
  • Front-End: light or mid range

Developer Intern

We're looking for people that are talented and extremely motivated. If you like foosball, ping pong, remote-controlled inflatable sharks, and learning bleeding edge technologies you'll fit right in! Our environment is fast-paced and will likely require a lot of learning on your own to keep up, which means that you will learn an incredible amount here and develop a very valuable skill set.