Our Performance Trading Desk: Identify, Target, Scale

In 2011, we took a look at the landscape for Agency Trading Desks and didn’t like what we saw. Middlemen networks and a flawed approach to exchange trading created inefficiencies that ultimately manifested themselves as inflated CPMs and lackluster bottom-line performance. Traditional Agency Trading Desks were made to cater to large-scale brands with soft performance targets and ignored the performance aspect of campaigns.

Enter: YellowHammer’s Performance Trading Desk, the first of its kind, which provides a programmatic buying solution for advertisers and agencies alike who demand a tangible return on their advertising dollars.

Our Performance Trading desk has real-time access to the largest SSPs, exchanges, and bidding platforms. We keep our technology updated with the latest bells and whistles, including ROI-driven bid management, campaign performance optimization, and intelligent creative testing. With platform-level access to the best inventory sources, we’re able to expand the reach of our campaigns on an on-demand basis while hitting advertiser goals.

While other trading desks can boast the same level of access, ours is the only one that is wholly focused on performance as measured by our advertisers’ back-end metrics. This focus on return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) means that the optimization priorities we set up are focused on making profitable campaigns for our clients.

In addition to the optimization based around ROAS, our trading desk is bolstered by the latest targeting and data features. Our unique data management system identifies like-minded customers and models audiences to reach new high value users at scale.