UPshot for Advertisers

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Dynamic messaging. Programmatic delivery. Actionable results.

These three pillars are what drove YellowHammer to create UPshot for Advertisers, a programmatic media buying platform that is simply…better. But don’t take our word for it–you can see for yourself. Compare the process of a typical programmatic media buy with the YellowHammer UPshot formula:

Typical programmatic media buy

By consolidating services previously provided by multiple digital partners into a single, unified platform, more of your marketing dollar becomes actionable. UPshot gives you significantly improved ROI with integrated dynamic creative optimization, ROI-driven programmatic buying, and attribution analysis across display, video, social, and native.

This makes advertiser campaigns more effective, which means they see better results.

UPshot for Advertisers media buy

There are simply too many separate vendors standing between you and your customer. This creates additional complexity, inflates your expenses, and decreases your control and visibility. UPshot is the solution to bring you closer to your customers. Targeting, dynamic creative optimization, analysis, and attribution are integrated into a single platform, streamlining the otherwise arduous task of programmatic media buying. This is how the YellowHammer formula is different.

So what does this mean for you and your bottom line?

Countless operational costs are hidden in the pricing models for each digital partner you take on–all of which are eliminated by using an efficient platform for finding your target demographic, dynamically optimizing your creative, and programmatically buying your media.

Standard setup vs Upshot for Advertisers chart
Take a look under the hood.

UPshot’s technology and optimization algorithms were purpose-built to serve your needs and generate more revenue. And we back this up through a simple, yet atypical goal: to blow up the black box by offering unparalleled transparency. Plus, extra features are built into our dashboards so that advertisers can see what’s working and what’s not.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

You shouldn’t have to pay extra to serve the right creative to your audience.

  • Robust creative testing. UPshot’s leading edge technology and consultative services are baked into your media buying.
  • UPshot cross-browser support. Build it once; serve it across all browsers and all platforms.
  • Multivariate testing. Easily build and test unlimited ad combinations across channels including display, video, native, and social.
  • Data integration. Combine publisher, client, and situational data to deliver more relevant ads to your customers.
ROI Programmatic Buying upshot for advertisers

ROI-Driven Programmatic Buying

Bid management and media buying that give you the best results across channels. Period.

Don’t get stuck in programmatic display purgatory–branch out and reach customers wherever they are on unique inventory across emerging and established channels. Get access to deep expertise in buying a wide variety of inventory. Use UPshot for higher quality messaging and better performance on display, video, social, and native.

We’ve got you covered:

  • Display. Drive massive scale, with quality and performance built in.
  • Video. Access a huge marketplace of quality video inventory programmatically.
  • Social. Engage your audience on their terms.
  • Native. Buy contextually-relevant inventory that’s also targeted and optimized.

Precision Targeting. Bring your own data or access publisher data. UPshot offers flexible, granular targeting at scale so you can reach more customers, faster.

  • Best-in-class audience targeting. Reach more of the customers that matter to you.
  • Modeling and look-alike targeting. Automatically test millions of combinations to quickly pinpoint your best audiences and achieve scale.
  • Advanced machine learning. Optimize your campaigns in real time.
  • Data on-ramping and integrations. Connect with a wide variety of partners

Detailed Analytics

Plan, execute, analyze, repeat. The UPshot team is always focused on your performance, which is why attribution and analysis are built right into the system, giving you a seamless optimization loop that improves your performance and increases your insights.

  • Attribution. With built-in attribution, you not only save time and money, you also get more granular insights–from creative configuration to audience targeting to placement performance.
  • Cross-platform optimization. Reporting built to make you a better advertiser, not to line our pockets. You’ll have transparent data across video, native, social, and display as well as for audience data and creative optimization to ensure that any insights that create lift in one area of your spend can be applied elsewhere.
  • Transparent analysis. Our reports aren’t just filled with numbers that you need to wade through. They tell a story. UPshot’s team articulates each detail of the campaign’s performance and thoroughly explains the results. You can expect adjusted strategic plans that illustrate how your campaigns will improve and scale week over week.
detailed analytics upshot for advertisers

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