YieldUP for Publishers

Finally, a purpose-built platform developed for publishers to increase fill rates and maximize programmatic revenue across video and display.

Programmatic advertising doesn’t always deliver for publishers; disjointed revenue sources, opaque reporting, and disappointing fill rates are far too common. You deserve more.

YieldUP for Publishers gives you more of what you want.

Get technology for both video and display that streamlines your operation and increases your return. Transparent reporting helps you realize the most out of your inventory.

Holistic Yield Management YieldUP for Publishers
Holistic Yield Management

YieldUP is built on YellowHammer’s publisher ad serving technology, which offers latency controls, granular reporting, and advertising quality management to help you get the most for your inventory. Upgrade to a fluid, cross-channel revenue operation. Maximize your earning potential for every impression with robust direct and programmatic demand technology and services.

  • Display. Gain access to tier-one programmatic buyers, direct audience-targeted campaigns, and full brand transparency.
  • Video. Optimize your video inventory through sustained support for in-stream, out-stream, and connected TV devices. Ensure maximum fill rates at maximum CPMs.
  • Header Bidding. Increase profits with a transparent and accessible programmatic header bidding solution.

With a blend of human and machine optimization, superior reporting in an intuitive dashboard, and a dedicated customer service team, you’ll make more with less work.

Unique Private Marketplace Opportunities

Our unique marketplace gives you access to advertising from a variety of high-demand sources. The result? You benefit from improved CPMs, guaranteed flight dates, and new, more diverse business.  

  • Magnify your salesforce. Leverage YieldUP’s inventory experts as an extension of your direct sales team, increasing inventory competition and improving fill rates.
  • Customized campaigns. Take advantage of ad campaigns sourced specifically to fit your inventory and tag-based buys from tier-one programmatic advertisers.
Unique Private Marketplace Opportunities YieldUP for Publishers

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