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Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

Nov 22, 2016 | 1 comment


Joe Hirsch, CEO



Today, I’m excited to announce a new evolution of the YellowHammer brand. We’re introducing a fresh look and feel that more accurately reflects our truly unique position in the market, focusing on streamlined technology, transparent analytics, and quality service. Since YellowHammer was founded in 2009, we’ve gone through countless changes in the makeup of our company–additional employees, a sleek new office space, a broader global approach through our branches in the U.K. and Brazil. One thing that hasn’t changed is our core goal: to eliminate the complexity and inefficiency hurdles plaguing advertisers and publishers in the digital space.

In fact, we’ve been so focused on solving client problems and predicting the market’s future needs that we haven’t taken the time to put our own story together. We’ve been heads down hitting goals for clients, without taking the time to share with people exactly how we hit those goals. So we’re using the same creativity, ingenuity, and thoughtfulness that we put into telling our clients’ stories online into sharing our own. Our new approach will make it easier for a variety of brands to understand how we can add value, and will enable us to continue to innovate and lead in a constantly-shifting industry.    

The first thing you’ll notice about YellowHammer’s new look and feel is our updated logo. Our Yellowhammer “mascot,” the state bird of Alabama, has been with our company since the beginning and still has a proud place in our branding. We’ve zoomed in, centering our attention on the head and eye of the bird through three concentric circles. The target represents our bird’s-eye view of the industry which enables us to make precise decisions for our clients.

Our new website design (www.yhmg.com) reflects our updated branding and highlights important customer stories that describe the value of our offering better than we ever could on our own. Check out the What We Do page for a clear explanation of how we service both advertisers and publishers. Infographics and call-out boxes further illustrate the ways in which we eliminate the ubiquitous clutter of companies in ad tech. In the Resources section, YellowHammer’s top minds put pen to paper to record thought pieces, industry predictions, whitepapers, and more. Press releases and new highlights showcase what we’ve been up to recently. You can also see every team member represented in the Who We Are section.

Today marks an important day for YellowHammer. We’re extremely proud of our updated brand story and website, and invite you to take a look around. It’s the next era of YellowHammer and the journey is just beginning. Let us know what you think at info@yhmg.com!