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yhmg.comSam Appelbaum, General Manager

Calculated creativity over comfortable repetition: YellowHammer drives performance through creativity
Advertisers too often become comfortable with their current partner mix and strategy, shying away from testing new things in favor of maintaining the status quo.  YellowHammer believes that the status quo in a dynamic environment like ad-tech, is a failure in and of itself. YellowHammer believes smart creativity is the pillar of a successful marketing program, whether it be in a brands creative or in the tactical and strategic approach.

Client-first is the only way to get a win-win: YellowHammer will always produce the best possible outcome for our clients
Too often, value for a marketer is counter to what drives value for a vendor.  This dynamic creates a race to the bottom, where vendors are incentivized to do the bare minimum to keep a brand happy, while capturing as many fees behind the scenes as they can.  YellowHammer truly puts customer needs first by being transparent with clients, and aligning interests between what makes us money and what makes our clients money.

Never have tunnel vision: YellowHammer has 360 degree expertise in ad-tech
Many ad-tech shops are experts in their narrow focus. YellowHammer’s longevity in the space, diversity of offerings and culture of information sharing gives us unique insight into the ad-tech paradigm that exists today and how it should exist tomorrow, both on a micro and macro level.   

The best marketing program for a brand is one specific to business objectives and unit economics of the marketer: YellowHammer takes a custom approach to each client
Brands too often chase industry trends and vendors are more concerned pushing their narrow agenda. Neither produces the best business outcome for the marketer.  Every YellowHammer meeting with an advertiser starts with an exploratory conversation to ensure a brand’s goals are aligned with our services.  A brands goals cannot be bent to fit a vendor’s offering. Brands are better served working with vendors who can take a custom approach specific to marketing objectives.

Relationships and people will always matter: YellowHammer has the best people and builds long term relationships
Often advertisers hyper focus on the technology they are using at the expense of the people behind these technologies.  This is especially pervasive in programmatic, where a brand’s dollar trickles down to nearly a dozen actors. The marketer doesn’t know who they are, or what value they add in the ecosystem.  A marketer needs to create a culture of collaboration with both its direct and indirect marketing partners. YellowHammer works to foster that culture and collaborates with our direct and indirect partners to ensure client needs are always met.