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Tom Beckbe Grows Sales with Custom Tailored Advertising Strategy

Problem: Tom Beckbe, a fine sporting wear and equipment label, wanted to substantially grow their retail sales using digital marketing. The brand had success selling to retail outlets and brick-and-mortar shops but had little online sales. The goal was to increase online sales by implementing a digital marketing strategy.

How We Did It: YellowHammer implemented an end-to-end digital strategy that fueled a national expansion. YellowHammer worked closely with Tom Beckbe to understand the economics of the business and to create a unique paid media and marketing program, aligned with Tom Beckbe’s bespoke brand. YellowHammer introduced new audiences to the brand, attracting prospective customers and first-time purchasers. Brand awareness and online sales increased by implementing a full funnel, multi-channel, prospecting and acquisition strategy focused on targeting consumers who had browsed, but never purchased online. YellowHammer’s digital strategy delivered Tom Beckbe’s most profitable quarter to date.



increase in


increase in order revenue


increase in website traffic


return on ad

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