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Nordstrom Rack Dresses For Digital Success

Problem: Nordstrom Rack was no stranger to digital marketing, but had seen a plateau in driving new customer growth at their target return on ad spend goal. YellowHammer was tasked with conducting an audit of Nordstrom Rack’s existing digital efforts and driving a strategy that increased both sales and brand loyalty.

How We Did It: YellowHammer first strategized around Nordstrom Rack’s large first party customer data set, using it to create high performing look-alike audiences. These audiences served as the underpinning for the entire campaign, and were activated in a variety of different channels, including social, video and traditional display. These high performing audiences, combined with diversity in media placements and dozens of creative iterations were able to super-charge Nordstrom Racks customer growth.



decrease in Facebook cost per order


lift in audience reach


decrease in cost per new buyer


increase in monthly purchase revenue

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