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Boll & Branch

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Boll & Branch was founded by husband and wife Scott and Missy Tannen in 2014 to offer consumers luxury bedding and home goods using the world’s finest organic cotton. From the start, the duo set out to implement ethical practices across their entire supply chain, refusing to cut corners in their manufacturing process.

As their business quickly grew, so did their desire to spread their story and show consumers how their luxury linens filled an essential gap in the market. The company had advertised on traditional channels including radio and print, and was ready to try digital marketing to increase their scale.

The Problem

Boll & Branch was having trouble scaling their digital advertising program at a profitable Cost Per Order (CPO) in an oversaturated market. They needed a trusted partner who would not only help them reach their goals, but who would act as an extension of their marketing team and create quality messaging consistent with their brand and ethics. In order to be successful, they needed to achieve the following goals simultaneously:

  • Decrease their CPO
  • Broaden their consumer base
  • Maintain high-quality placement and messaging
  • Grow to profitability
Why YellowHammer?

Boll & Branch determined that Facebook advertising was a good first foray into digital marketing. The company was aware of YellowHammer’s leading performance on social media channels and their particular expertise managing complex Facebook campaigns. Boll & Branch also liked that YellowHammer had the same attention to quality and detail as they did.


The YellowHammer team adopted a three-tiered strategy to prospect, retarget, and remarket to potential and existing Boll & Branch customers, while carefully managing the message and target audience. YellowHammer combined look-alike targeting with first-party data to achieve scale with the focus audience of males and females between the ages of 25 and 54.

Prospecting: YellowHammer utilized Boll & Branch’s existing customer base to create look-alike audiences. This enabled YH to uncover in-market users with similar purchase behavior to current Boll & Branch purchasers.

Retargeting: YellowHammer’s prospecting initiatives drove thousands of new users to Boll & Branch’s website. The team saw exceptional results by retargeting these users through hundreds of specialized creative variations pulled from a library of customized call-to-actions, graphics, and messaging. These ads were served through YellowHammer’s Dynamic Creative Optimization engine and displayed as Instagram ads, Facebook carousel ads, and newsfeed ads. They also leveraged Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) which showed users a carousel of the exact Boll & Branch products they had previously viewed, as well as similar products.

Remarketing: YellowHammer created a custom audience of previous buyers by cross-checking the client’s first-party data with Facebook accounts. Those customers who had previously bought from Boll & Branch were remarketed with short-term product releases through Facebook, which yielded the highest ROAS of all targeting strategies.

YellowHammer is that rare marketing partner that we can consistently rely on. Their team tracks all the data we don’t have time to track, offers recommendations for strategies we wouldn’t have thought of, and time and time-again, proves that they are true experts in the space. In a market filled with e-commerce and direct-to-consumer competitors, they’re able to make sure we stand out from the rest of the pack.”

- Boll & Branch


The results from the client’s first year of digital marketing (October 2015 – September 2016) exceeded the company’s highest expectations. YellowHammer provided an outside-the-box approach to digital marketing through relevant ad placements, pinpoint targeting, and innovative dynamic creative support while also far surpassing Boll & Branch’s performance goals:


Decrease in Facebook CPO


Lift in audience reach


Increase in topline revenue


ROAS for highest performing targeting strategy


Growth in transactions


Rise in website visits


Scaling of monthly budget


Increase in total sales