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CAU Slider

Yellowhammer is proud to demonstrate its anchored Slider Video ad unit. This page simulates a typical blog or news site.

Why use a Slider Video ad unit?
  • Bonus ad revenue. Creates ad inventory where there was none, without sacrificing valuable page real estate.
  • Minimal effect on page design and layout. Takes up no space before playing, and gracefully disappears when the video is done.
  • Sensitive to your users. Eliminates blank boxes while the ad is loading, or after the ad is done.
How it works
  1. As the user loads your page, the video loads in the background.
  2. When the video is fully loaded, it slides up from the bottom of the page. Video stays anchored to the bottom regardless of how the user scrolls.
  3. Once the video ends, the player gracefully slides down. No blank boxes or endlessly looping video content.

Integration is simple. Just place an ad tag at the top of the page and a div tag where you want the ad to appear.