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  • Boll & Branch Awakens Their Digital Marketing

    Problem: Having never done digital marketing in the past, Boll & Branch tasked YellowHammer with developing a digital strategy that would supercharge their customer growth. YellowHammer was tasked with not only developing that strategy, but also as being a trusted advisor to a new and emerging brand. The success of the campaign would be defined by how many customers were acquired and at what cost.

    How We Did It: YellowHammer developed an integrated strategy, focused on dynamic creative messaging and diversity in media placements. Leveraging over a dozen different ad formats and buying platforms, including Facebook, Amazon and the Google Display Network, YellowHammer was able to drive efficient customer growth at scale.



    decrease in cost per new customer


    lift in audience reach


    increase in topline revenue


    increase of total sales

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  • Leading Fast-Food Chain Jumps To #1 Spot Under “LifeStyle” In App Store

    Problem: A notable fast-food chain was looking to attain more users to their newly launched app. They wanted to measure backend data which would trigger when a customer presented a coupon in the physical store. The goal was to get people to download the app and use the app in store and slowly dissolve the use of traditional paper coupons.

    How We Did It: Through our extensive list of direct publishers and curated lists of media buyers, we were able to test different audience segments and optimize toward higher conversion rates while maintaining the appropriate KPI’s.



    new users in under 30 days


    increased app usage


    decrease in CPA cost

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  • Tom Beckbe Grows Sales with Custom Tailored Advertising Strategy

    Problem: Tom Beckbe, a fine sporting wear and equipment label, wanted to substantially grow their retail sales using digital marketing. The brand had success selling to retail outlets and brick-and-mortar shops but had little online sales. The goal was to increase online sales by implementing a digital marketing strategy.

    How We Did It: YellowHammer implemented an end-to-end digital strategy that fueled a national expansion. YellowHammer worked closely with Tom Beckbe to understand the economics of the business and to create a unique paid media and marketing program, aligned with Tom Beckbe’s bespoke brand. YellowHammer introduced new audiences to the brand, attracting prospective customers and first-time purchasers. Brand awareness and online sales increased by implementing a full funnel, multi-channel, prospecting and acquisition strategy focused on targeting consumers who had browsed, but never purchased online. YellowHammer’s digital strategy delivered Tom Beckbe’s most profitable quarter to date.



    increase in


    increase in order revenue


    increase in website traffic


    return on ad

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  • Leading Direct-To-Consumer Beverage Company Quenches Their Digital Thirst

    Problem: A leading DTC beverage company wanted to take their business to the next level. They tasked YellowHammer with acquiring new customers while driving awareness towards their core brand ethos around health and wellness.

    How We Did It: To address the steep increase in media spend, YellowHammer deployed a three-pronged strategy to introduce new consumers, re-engage interested users, and upsell current purchasers. Leveraging creative designers and expert media buyers, YellowHammer was able to execute a strategy that drove results.



    decrease in cost per new customer


    lift in website traffic


    topline revenue growth


    more transactions


    increase in order revenue


    scaled digital media spend

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  • Nordstrom Rack Dresses For Digital Success

    Problem: Nordstrom Rack was no stranger to digital marketing, but had seen a plateau in driving new customer growth at their target return on ad spend goal. YellowHammer was tasked with conducting an audit of Nordstrom Rack’s existing digital efforts and driving a strategy that increased both sales and brand loyalty.

    How We Did It: YellowHammer first strategized around Nordstrom Rack’s large first party customer data set, using it to create high performing look-alike audiences. These audiences served as the underpinning for the entire campaign, and were activated in a variety of different channels, including social, video and traditional display. These high performing audiences, combined with diversity in media placements and dozens of creative iterations were able to super-charge Nordstrom Racks customer growth.



    decrease in Facebook cost per order


    lift in audience reach


    decrease in cost per new buyer


    increase in monthly purchase revenue

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  • Leading CPG Brand Uses Private Marketplaces to Fuel Programmatic Success

    Problem: A leading CPG brand was having difficulty delivering their budget through their primary DSP. With strict viewability goals and brand safety guidelines, the brand tasked YellowHammer with packaging high performing publishers that would exceed their marketing KPI’s.

    How We Did It: Through its sister company SpringServe, a leading video ad serving platform, YellowHammer was able to partner with over two dozen endemic publishing partners that met the brands target audience. Combining these pubs with YellowHammer’s predictive viewability targeting and pre-bid brand safety shields, powered by Integral Ad Science, Moat and White Ops, YellowHammer was able to deliver the brands budget in full and at goal.



    increase in viewability


    increase in impression delivery


    exposure to non-human traffic

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